DC escort Passport 9500 ix Radar/Laser Detector Demo

Found a cop with his radar left on so I decided to go back by twice and film it to give a little demo for the DC escort Passport 9500 ix. Thanks for all the comments and interest in the video! I hope it helps everyone out. I know that each person is going to have a different view on this product. All i have to say is with the deal i got on it it works great for me and has saved me a few times! However the only ticket i got with it was detected by laser and for some reason laser detection just doesnt seem to like to work on my 9500ix that well. BuT on the highway this thing is king! In the city its not bad at all with all the buildings and thats were the false signal lock out is awesome! For redlight cameras all I can say is that they are popping up over night in my area. Its a nice reminder when your thinking of gasing it through a yellow. Wether in an area where your familiar with the intersections or if your traveling unknown territory its there to say “Red Light Camera Ahead”. My personal rating on the Passport 9500ix would have to be a8.5 out of 10 not a bad product at all if you have the money to through down or if you can find a good deal!