Darden Global Field Elective (GFE): The Philippines with Frank and Veronica Warnock

The principal objective of this course is to identify the urgent sustainable development challenges of rural villages and begin to effect specific approaches and solutions to address them. The key tasks are researching and gathering information to define and understand the problems and conditions (including demographic and economic trends) in Barangay Baruyan and surrounding communities; stocktaking of resources (both environmental and other); and gauging community capacities and institutional strengths.

Anticipated topics of discussions include sustainable livelihoods, microenterprise, environmental standards and policy, food systems, energy and water infrastructure, ecotourism, waste management, disaster response, and private-public accountability and partnerships.

This course capitalizes on Darden business training as well as pre-MBA knowledge and expertise in engineering, education, health, environmental science, law, public policy and other areas. This is a platform for those who want to explore and pursue innovative and financially sustainable solutions to poverty and the many aspects of sustainable development.