Dachshund going right after a ball in the pool : photoshopbattles


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A subreddit for people to develop new images with picture manipulation program.

Experience absolutely free to post non-manipulated illustrations or photos, or submit photoshopped versions in the remark sections.

Official weekly battles are held in which winners get three months of reddit gold, decide on the photo for the subsequent struggle, and get special aptitude.

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You should established your comment selections tastes to display screen 500 reviews by default.

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I. Titles

  1. All titles need to commence with PsBattle:

    This is situation delicate and need to contain a house after the colon.

  2. Titles ought to objectively explain the matter of the image.

    2.1. No jokes, editorialising, or supplying background facts. The top quality of the graphic is extra significant than how catchy the title is.

    2.2. Requests, these kinds of as “Remember to photoshop me or my friend”, are not permitted. Remember to critique our recommendations below for an ideal subreddit.

    2.3. Questions, this kind of as “Where by else could he be?” are not permitted.

    2.4. No private anecdotes or point out of your relationship to the image.

    2.5. No clichés these types of as “this has possible”, “make this epic”, “This cat/doggy/child”, or “My friend/daughter/son…”.

II. Impression information

  1. Submissions ought to be a immediate link to a single image. Albums and paneled/tiled photos will be taken out.

  2. Pictures have to be fair quality.

    2.1. Images have to be at the very least 600×600 pixels (360,000 pixels whole).

    2.2. No technically lower-top quality images.

    2.3. Pictures will have to be relatively very well framed, and free of charge from noise, blur, and distortion.

  3. No disallowed picture articles.

    3.1. No pictures of tv set screens / laptop or computer screens / actual physical photos / billboards / magazines, etcetera.

    3.2. Images centered close to textual content or signs could be taken off.

    3.3. No cellphone / laptop or computer screenshots.

  4. Photographs that have previously been photoshopped may possibly be taken out, such as photos with watermarks, logos, or extra textual content.

  5. Pictures that have energetic threads, or have been photoshopped here, or in other places, might be removed.

  6. If the mods feel that someone would item to owning their graphic photoshopped or shared (no snapchats), it may possibly be eradicated.

  7. Sexually suggestive and extremely gory submissions might be taken out.

Deleting submissions with perform in the comment area is not tolerated, and will consequence in a permanent submission ban.

Backlink to submission principles page.

Junk responses distract from this subreddit a large amount additional than in other subreddits that are not dependent on original information.

Responses that are cliché, karma chains, not an primary photoshop, memes, reaction gifs, upvote gifs, or off topic are subject to removing by the moderators without notification.

NSFW tags should be utilised generously.

Prime-level comments should consist of an original photoshop.

Backlink to comment policies website page.


Remember to upvote based on high quality of operate. Lazy outlets shouldn’t earn just because they designed you chuckle.

Make sure you do not downvote submissions just because they do not have noticeable possible.

You should report inappropriate material to the mods.



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Dachshund going right after a ball in the pool : photoshopbattles