Court docket was lit like Decide Mathis : BlackPeopleTwitter


Screenshots of Black men and women getting hilarious and insightful on social media, it will not need to just be twitter but naturally that is very best.

Black society has a one of a kind way of examining the each day and we are right here to showcase that.


1.) Do not write-up content just since a black human being posted it. This sub is intended for extremely hilarious and insightful social media posts created by black men and women, not just any social media put up made by black people today.

  • 1. No primary material. We stimulate end users to go on twitter to come across tweets as opposed to building tweets just for this subreddit.

2.) No bad faith participation.

3.) No bullying or witch-searching. This consists of remarks disparaging persons whose tweets and posts are showcased listed here. Doxxing or sharing own information and facts will result in a long-lasting ban.

4.) No racism. No detest speech. No black fathers posts and similar mean-spirited items.

5.) Posts must be showcasing any person becoming hilarious or insightful on social media. No picture macros, textual content conversations, or YouTube hyperlinks. Just due to the fact somebody posted one of these on social media does not exempt it from this rule. Vines and these belong listed here and gifs belong below.

6.) Normal reddit cliches this sort of as lyric chains, pun chains, white-knighting, and reduced-hard work joke feedback will be removed. Exact same for frustrating redditisms.

7.) Reposts are highly discouraged, and if learned will be eradicated. Be sure to look for or search by BPT’s older posts to see if your information has by now been posted. KarmaDecay is not a responsible software to look at for reposts.

8.) No posts with terrible titles, they will be taken off. You are cost-free to re-submit as soon as you think of a little something satisfactory/realistic. Will not put the punchline in the title of the publish. Do not incorporate “bruh” or “fam” or comparable vernacular to your article or comment just to sound black.

9.) Do not complain about slang or request for the definition of a term you will not comprehend if it can readily be located on urban dictionary.

10.) Never simply call out persons as white. People of all shades do post and comment here. It contributes practically nothing to the discussion and is punishable by ban.

11.) Really don’t article items from meme/company accounts. Posts need to arrive from frequent social media accounts.

12.) The moderators of this subreddit will get any action (which involves banning and taking away responses) that they experience enhances the good quality of the subreddit.

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Court was lit like Decide Mathis : BlackPeopleTwitter