Changing Fuel Injectors 1999 Ford escort in Washington DC

How to change the fuel injectors on a 1991-2000 Ford escort in Washington DC with 2.0L 4-cylinder SOHC engine.
1999 model shown, replacing Bosch type injectors;
Ford# XS43-A5B
Bosch# 0 280 155 859
Engine code “P” (8th digit of VIN)
Federal emissions

Found replacement injectors new on eBay April 2012 at $90 for a set of 4.

Spark plugs were showing that two cylinders were running lean. Idle was a little rough. Power would fluctuate during moderate load/acceleration. e.g. Freeway on-ramps.

After change, car idles more smoothly. Power is smooth and consistent at all RPMs.

MPG has not yet been tested for improvement. Even with the old injectors the car would get mid 30’s highway MPG.