Carjacking Prevention Strategies – Tactics To Reduce Your Chance


Carjacking has attained recognition in the latest a long time owing to technological improvements in anti-theft products. Vehicle Alarms, wheel and steering locks, vehicle monitoring devices, eliminate switches, and anti-theft chip-integrated ignition switches have manufactured it significantly extra challenging for the typical thief to steal a car or truck. They have tailored to the increased challenges and understood it is far easier to steal a car with the keys presently in it, with the added profit of robbing the driver.

Explanations for carjacking

The most prevalent motives for a carjacker to steal a vehicle are to flee a crime, or to use the car to commit a crime. Nevertheless, other reasons involve feeding a drug habit, a gang initiation, advertising off the sections, or pleasure-using.

What makes this criminal offense so harmful is that about 90% of them include some sort of weapon, usually a hand gun or knife. Even a lot more frightening is the possibility of the driver getting kidnapped and taken to a distant locale, absent from any possible witnesses. Victims then operate the risk of staying robbed, sexually assaulted or killed.

Most frequent spots

There is very little you can do to entirely remove the threat of remaining carjacked, but there are a lot of issues you can do to minimize it. The most effective self defense is avoidance. Minimizing danger is as basic as steering clear of parts where a carjacking is most probable to manifest. Substantial criminal offense neighborhoods are specially harmful for the reason that inhabitants normally refuse to cooperate with regulation enforcement for panic of reprisals. With couple of witnesses ready to talk to police, criminals are a great deal far more brazen than they would be usually. Keep absent from remote rural roadways with very little targeted traffic, especially if traveling by itself at night. Any Isolated places and dimly lit parking loads are also fantastic to keep away from.

It&#39s just not doable to stay away from all probable carjacking locations nevertheless, it is essential to keep alert and aware of your surroundings, primarily when you are demanded to end your car or truck. Site visitors jams, crimson gentle intersections, highway on-ramps and exits or any area in which you are compelled to sluggish down or stop your vehicle, are significant possibility spots that can not be avoided.

Purple Light Carjacking

A crimson gentle represents the ideal chance for a car or truck thief. The auto is operating, the keys are in the ignition, and the motor vehicle is currently on the highway, ready for a speedy escape. He will glimpse for an uncomplicated focus on, generally a feminine escort in Washington DC traveling by itself, with the home windows rolled down for rapid entry. No amount of women&#39s self protection training can get ready somebody for a red light-weight carjacking. Simply because the sufferer is confined in a confined area, and the fact that the attacker has a weapon, helps make even the most highly qualified self protection qualified susceptible.

What to Do

  • Normally travel with your motor vehicle doors locked and windows up.
  • When stopped in targeted traffic, seem for attainable escape routes. Depart ample area amongst your car or truck and the motor vehicle in entrance of you to maneuver conveniently plenty of to escape. A excellent rule of thumb is about just one-fifty percent of your car&#39s length. If you can not see the rear tires of the motor vehicle forward of you, then you&#39re far too close.
  • When stopped at a purple light-weight, use your rear-watch and facet mirrors to watch your environment. This tends to make it a lot less probable for an attacker to surprise you.
  • Normally preserve your mobile cell phone shut by and have crisis numbers pre-programmed. In the function of a carjacking you&#39ll will need to contact for assist quick, so be prepared. A mobile mobile phone can also be a deterrent. If the attacker sees that you are contacting the authorities, he may perhaps back down.
  • Be cautious of panhandlers or people asking for instructions and handing out fliers.

Parking Lot Carjacking

The most widespread site the place a carjacking is moderately to happen is a substantial parking whole lot, in a searching heart where by persons are entering and exiting their vehicles. Quite a few carjackers prefer to be near a freeway on-ramp for a brief escape. Some widespread places for carjackings include parking loads, parking constructions, gas stations, liquor suppliers, purchasing malls, strip malls, lodges, ATM areas, and the push as a result of at rapidly foods dining establishments.

What to Do

  • Be mindful of your surroundings as you stroll to and from your auto.
  • Be cognizant of suspicious looking men and women sitting in their car or truck.
  • Park in place with enough lights, specifically if you get there and / or leave soon after dark.
  • Under no circumstances park in isolated or visually obstructed parts.
  • Park as near as you can to your intended place. The farther absent you park, the a lot more isolated you&#39ll be.
  • Do not park in the vicinity of substantial fences, partitions, dumpsters, shrubs, large vans or vehicles, or anything else that will make it tricky for likely witnesses or bystanders to see you.
  • Use valet parking whenever doable, the extra expenditure is minimum compared to the substitute.
  • Prevent parking structures and park in an attended garage if doable, in particular if you&#39re a girl driving on your own.
  • Enter and exit your automobile rapidly, and make certain the doorways are locked at all occasions. Do not linger all over talking on your mobile-cell phone. Get started the vehicle and leave quickly.
  • If anyone methods you and you commence to truly feel unpleasant, adjust path or go into a hectic keep or where there are lots of men and women.
  • Be leery of men and women loitering in the space, specifically young males. This demographic helps make up the broad vast majority of carjackers.
  • Most substantial shopping facilities will give you with a safety DC escort to your automobile. If you are alone, do not be humiliated to ask for an DC escort. Take edge of it, this is why the protection guards are there.
  • Glance about, underneath and inside of your automobile just before having in. Though loading packages into your motor vehicle, be informed of your speedy surroundings. Do not convert your back on any people nearby.
  • Trust your instincts, if they explain to you to be suspicious and stroll away, then do so.

Procedures utilized by Carjackers

In some 3rd globe nations carjackers will set up road blocks on remote roads. Usually times the roadblock will look “formal” as if it were being federal government or law enforcement checkpoint. Another system that use is to pull the sufferer about applying an official searching motor vehicle like law enforcement, ambulance or armed forces. Fortunately, these approaches are not applied in the US Nevertheless, there are other procedures a intelligent carjacker will use to pull about unsuspecting victims, and it will commonly take place in an spot that suits their functions dimly lit, no people all-around, no escape routes, etcetera.

The Bump

In this circumstance the thief usually has an arrangement. Applying their motor vehicle, they will bump another vehicle gently from the rear, in purchase to make the sufferer believe there&#39s been a collision. The unsuspecting victim then exits the car to assess the hurt and trade info and the accomplice will then generate off with the vehicle.

People today have been conditioned to pull more than to trade information and facts right after an incident, and this generates the excellent possibility for a automobile thief. With any luck you&#39ll be the victim of a theft but usually unharmed.

The Superior Samaritan

The thieves will stage a phony accident, at times even simulating an damage. The victim will prevent their car or truck to render assistance, and the vehicle is taken.

The Ruse

The attacker will generally pull together around the sufferer and wave or flash their lights to get the sufferer&#39s notice. They will consider to encourage the victim that there is a issue with the victim&#39s car in purchase to indict the target to pull more than.

The Entice

Carjackers may possibly follow a prospective sufferer home, to function, or some other distant spot. When the sufferer pulls into the driveway or parking location the carjackers pull up driving the victim&#39s automobile blocking any potential escape route.

What to Do

  • If you are bumped in website traffic, in particular by younger males, be suspicious of the accident.
  • Beware of the Great Samaritan who presents to fix your motor vehicle or a flat tire. It&#39s alright to get assistance just be warn.
  • Do not pull about in any isolated spot. Get the other drivers awareness and motion to him to follow you, and drive to a fuel station or busy parking large amount prior to receiving out.
  • If you have a gated driveway, cease in the street initial to ensure the gate opens wholly right before pulling in.
  • When parking in your garage, use your mirrors to check out driving your car as you park. Do not exit your car until finally the garage door is absolutely shut
  • It may well not be a excellent concept to halt and guide in an accident. It may be safer to phone and report the spot, variety of automobiles involved, and any injuries you noticed.

Additional factors to take into consideration

Avoidance is the most effective way to stop a carjacking. Be informed of your surroundings at all periods and have a mobile telephone. To lower your possibility of currently being carjacked, normally be informed of your bordering. Carjackers, like avenue robbers, favor the component of surprise. Most victims say they hardly ever saw the carjacker until finally they appeared at their auto door. If you are at any time confronted by an armed carjacker do not resist, argument, struggle or chase the robber. Give up your keys or revenue if demanded without having resistance. Risking a severe harm or loss of life is not truly worth the decline of a motor vehicle.

Give up your car but at all cost, do not come to be a kidnapping victim. In a vast greater part of carjacking situations, the motor vehicle is the primary concentrate on. There is a great possibility that the victim may possibly not be harmed. Even if you are armed with pepper spray or a stun gun, do not use it except you really feel you are in physical risk. Only when you really feel that the attacker wishes additional than your car should you put your gals&#39s self protection schooling to use.

Even so, if you can not escape in your automobile, it is essential that you get out of the motor vehicle right absent. You do not want to grow to be a kidnapping target as very well. If you are not able to exit the auto and the carjacker enter the passenger aspect and tends to make you travel off, take into consideration crashing your car or truck into a tree or wall at a gradual velocity. This will appeal to witnesses and the carjacker will very likely run off.

Immediately after you&#39ve been carjacked, get to a protected spot and phone the police. Quickly following an assault or attempted attack, most people are in shock and not targeted on their safety, in particular in a lousy place. Get to a harmless location ahead of making contact with law enforcement to report the incident. Be well prepared to give a comprehensive description of the events that transpired. Exactly where did it materialize and what time? How did it happen and who was associated? Make psychological notes so that you can describe the attacker to police. Try out to pay close notice to height, weight, scars or other determining marks. What is the attacker&#39s hair and eye shade? What is his make and complexion? Was there any facial hair? If the attacker had a car, then attempt to be as certain as feasible in describing it to law enforcement. The License quantity, colour, make and design are crucial. But just as crucial are other pinpointing attributes this sort of as dents, scratches, entire body injury, coloured or attractive wheels, bumper stickers, and so on.


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