CARBON electric bike DC escort

CARBON electric bike DC escort
MID drive version. 3000W rated power motor CYCLONE
Full bike weight with battery and heavy tires only 35 kg!!!
Max speed: 65 km/h
Max distance: 90 km
Quick removable battery, max capacity 1680 Wh
Lights, Turn light, Head lamp, Rear lamp with stop light, Horn, Fenders.
Controller Kelly KBS 7212
Tire: 24 x 3, max loads: 200kg
Front sprocket 219H 15T, Rear sprocket: 219H 100T.
Front fork DNM USD-8, Rear shock DNM RCP-3 220 mm (also cam install 200mm and 240mm)
Hydraulic brake denzel with 203 mm brake disc BRAKCO (Taiwan)
Also DC escort bike avaible with HUB motor and crank motor like Bafang
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