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Howdy, and welcome to Genuine Life Doodles!

Listed here we share doodles painted into every single working day existence.

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(Hover around regulations for a lot more in-depth information!)

1. Doodles Ought to be Original Information (OC)

  1. Only put up what you have made. If you did not produce it, it will be taken out
  2. Do not submit requests. Post requests as a comment in the stickied formal ask for thread

2. Formats & accepted hosts

  1. Initial sources and ultimate OC doodles ought to be an animated GIF or video clip (use reddit, imgur or gfycat NOT Instagram, Fb, and so on).
  2. Doodled shots and photograph backgrounds with animations in them must be posted to r/StillLifeDoodles

3. SFW content only

  1. No doodling on genetalia or otherwise pornographic clips. Article them to r/glorp.
  2. All sexualized imagery have to be marked as NSFW. Mods reserve the appropriate to aptitude any post.
  3. You should flair all posts that pose a seizure threat or in any other case could have a non-classic excellent

4. Publishing, Reposting and Redoodling

  1. Exactly where doable, make sure you give a native, pre-doodled resource in your post’s reviews
  2. Straight up reposting is not allowed, even if it is your have OC
  3. OP may well embellish and/or increase his or her possess OC (remember to aptitude as “Redoodle”), as extensive as it has been at least 5 months because its debut.

5. Mods reserve the right to eliminate any submit

  1. If your post technically satisfies the previously mentioned demands, however should be posted elsewhere (these as r/GIFextra, r/TarantinoGIFs/, r/MichaelBayGIFs, r/SuperSaiyanGIFs, and so forth), the put up may be removed with no warning or explanation
  2. No hefty or dominant use of reasonable Fx plugins like smoke, hearth, explosions, and so on
  3. Mods reserve the correct to take out posts deemed to be lower exertion
  4. Moderators do not will need to make clear the removing of any information

The best way to make these gifs is employing any program which can explode a gif out into many frames. After you’ve got obtained them break up up you doodle on every frame to generate the new gif (There is no serious easy way to do this, it is a little bit time consuming and you do have to draw on every body)

The packages we know you can do this with are..

Flash, Photoshop, Gimp (You can find a ton extra but these are the major kinds folks are now employing, if you have any other recommendations for applications you can use message the mods and we’ll add them to this list)

Thanks and have entertaining.









Gifntext – On the web GIF Editor

*Ordered by duration of subreddit identify

Captain Crapper (v1) : reallifedoodles