Camels can try to eat cactuses! Their cheeks are lined with keratinize…


What is /r/NatureIsFuckingLit?

We like mother nature and emoji.




1. Article substantial energy material

Posts on this subreddit must be interesting and interesting.

For an concept of what “lit” usually means, look through the top rated posts of the subreddit.

“Superior-power” is relative dependent on the subject matter of your write-up. A photograph of a snail is judged towards other submissions of snails, not posts of cheetahs.

Essentially, no submit on this subreddit really should be dull.

2. Titles have to commence with the 🔥 emoji

Every publish title have to start with the fire emoji (🔥) and a house.

The hearth emoji defines this group. If a write-up can be posted in this subreddit, it can be explained as 🔥🔥🔥.

Your article will be automobile-removed if you do not abide by this rule.

3. Posts ought to consist of mother nature

This is /r/NatureIsFuckingLit, a character appreciation subreddit.

Remember to you should not article animals that are domesticated or pets stay away from submitting Photoshopped illustrations or photos will not post content of animals that are chained up, caged, or have been shot or trapped.

4. Publish a descriptive title

Describe the animal, plant, or place in your title as most effective as you can.

Non-descriptive or inaccurate posts may possibly be removed.

5. No reposts

No posts that have been previously posted on this subreddit may be posted once more.

Search the subreddit for crucial conditions like the animal name ahead of putting up to check for former postings.

People that repost will get a ban.

6. NSFW posts ought to be tagged

If it can be bloody or sexual, tag it NSFW be sure to.

7. Titles Are unable to Say “[Subject] is Lit”

This sub is already named NatureIsFuckingLit.

Everything posted here is lit, so you should not want to convince people in the title.

A viewer should really see it and say, “Damn, that’s 🔥🔥🔥” even so they could possibly pronounce that.

Right before this rule, virtually all titles have been some lazy variant of “___ is lit” or “___ is 🔥” with really little description normally.

Compose a resourceful title that describes the content material properly. Your publish will do better mainly because of it.


Camels can take in cactuses! Their cheeks are lined with keratinize…