Britney Spears’ Boyfriend Opens Up About Getting rid of 100 Lbs

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You know Britney Spears’ hot boyfriend, right? He’s the hottie with a six-pack and toned arms who routinely joins the pop star for couples exercise sessions.

But Sam Asghari didn’t employed to glance ready to grace an outdated college Abercrombie & Fitch purchasing bag.

In simple fact, at a person point, his body weight ballooned to 290 lbs.

“I was having Doritos for breakfast, rapidly foodstuff, sugar, candy, no protein, a good deal of carbs, and drinking sugary sodas,” the 24-year-aged explained to Men’s Health. “My diet was very terrible. The stress and the dread of not heading any place [in life] mixed gave me my depression.”

But he determined to make a transform.

“I could either go on going through the very same matter or I could give it an additional 100 p.c,” Asghari explained. “I didn’t want to have to deal with that depression and disappointment any longer. I had to restart.”

Asghari became a individual coach and labored out for two several hours a day. He also modified up his eating plan, limiting his calorie intake to just 1,500 for each working day. This was a little bit excessive, so he located what labored for him in the middle and started to make some major progress.

The effects are obvious.

Now he has a great work out buddy in his girlfriend.

…And there’s also some time for selfies.

Britney Spears’ Boyfriend Opens Up About Losing 100 Lbs