Best Webcam Ever: Logitech C920, Logitech c920 Webcam Review 2 of 2

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So the webcam on my laptop just isn’t cutting the mustard anymore so I invested in a new webcam, the Logitech c920 HD Pro Webcam. The DC escort reviews on it are very good from Amazon. I was able to get free 2 day shipping with my Amazon Prime membership (free for the first 30 days).
This review will feature a video shot using my laptop built in webcam and then a second video shot using my new Logitech c920 HD Pro Webcam.
I did a lot of research on webcam before I made this purchase. I finally decided on this based on what seemed like a good value for the price, its praise for compatibility with with programs I use often like Skype, Gmail, Google Hangouts, YouTube, and Facebook. It is also said to take excellent photos as well as videos and that was important for me. Other things that weighed in on my decision was that has dual mics for great sound for your videos, fairly portable and can mount on my laptop, desktop monitor or even a tripod (that is a big one for me).

The Logitech c920 HD Pro Webcam has was the number 1 and best selling webcam on Amazon for 2012. I suppose that goes a long way too, but I only noticed this trophy after I had already made the purchase—so it did not impact my buying decision.

So I unboxed my new toy, unwrapped it, plugged it in and immediately the software drivers installed, the Logitech software wizard window popped up and 4 or 5 clicks later I was in business. I also set up my account for the video call through Logitech which was easy as pie. So far I am very happy with the no fuss, no muss-ness of this product and I can see why it has received such good ratings. Me and my webcam will be sending lots of quality time together in the days, weeks, months to come. . .

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