best type of WIRE STRIPPER – heavy duty self adjusting

This tool can easily strip 10 gauge to 24 gauge wires all day. Self adjusting innovative super heavy duty design. I’ve been stripping electrical wires all my life and can’t believe I didn’t know about this tool earlier. You can find similar wire stripper like this at Amazon (affiliate link):

Now I got this tool and it strips off the insulation super easy super fast. I’m very impressed with this tool. Strips 10-24 AWG copper or aluminum wire, solid or stranded. It’s an awesome wire cutter too. Professional grade tool essential for any wiring job, unique automatically adjusting jaws firmly grab wire and cable from 10 to 24 AWG. Steel construction provides durability and rust resistance, adjust to easily strip wire to various lengths.

Recognize the shape and style of this tool because many manufacturer make these type of wire strippers. You can find these on Ebay and Amazon by searching “Heavy duty wire stripper” or “Self adjusting wire stripper”. The prices are reasonable.