Austin Powers went to my law college in the seventies : mildlyinte…


Aww, cripes. I failed to know I would have to publish a description. How many terms is that so significantly, like a hundred? Soooo, yeah. Mildly appealing things. Stuff that interests you. Mildly. It is in the identify, ffs.

Does your write-up qualify for /r/MildlyInteresting? Hover beneath for additional info, and test out our wiki page!

1. No memes

This involves references in titles of your put up (e.g. “banana for scale,” “potato high-quality”).

2. No related posts

Posts that accept, “just one-up,” or relate especially to a different submit are not allowed (e.g. “I see your X and elevate you Y”)

3. No x-posts or reposts

Do not put up something that has been submitted everywhere on reddit ahead of (which include in this article), even if you were being the one particular who posted it.

Exception: If a publish is eliminated for breaking the regulations a lot less than 1 hour after becoming submitted or gets fewer than 100 upvotes, we allow for the submitter to resubmit a set version of the submit.

4. Initial [OC] photos only

a. No gifs, video clips, or web sites.

b. All submissions have to be initial articles. If you failed to acquire the photograph, never put up it.

c. Overlaid text, arrows, scribbles, and other substantive edits are not allowed. You may well censor own information and facts for each Reddit-vast regulations.

d. Facet by aspect photographs are okay if they adhere to the relaxation of the procedures.

5. No screenshots

We outline a screenshot as a display screen get (which include a photograph) of a tv, telephone, or laptop or computer screen. Attempt /r/screenshots!

6. Titles should be an specific but concise description of the written content

a. Titles ought to not include jokes, backstory, or other fluff. That information belongs in a follow-up remark.

b. Titles ought to specifically explain the content. It ought to act as a “spoiler” for the impression. If your title leaves people stunned at the content material inside of, it breaks the rule!

c. Titles should not have emoticons, emojis, or special figures except if they are definitely vital in describing the impression. (e.g. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), P, ?, ❤, ★, ✿ )

Even now baffled? For a lot more elaboration and illustrations, see in this article initial and then concept the mods if you nonetheless have thoughts.

If unsure, be sure to concept the mods and we will enable ascertain if your post is suitable.

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Posts which crack the procedures will be eliminated on sight. This subreddit operates a 3-strikes rule on submission bans, and immediate bans on troll and/or gimmick accounts, shock backlinks, etcetera. at moderator discretion.


Austin Powers went to my legislation college in the seventies : mildlyinte…