August 2016 4x GFE Godfest Day 2 Pulls!

More Godfest Pulls for Day 2 of August 2016’s 4x GFE Godfest!

Ronove and Gremory’s Debut this Godfest! 1 out of 2 isn’t bad!

Come join me at !!
I’m live Tuesday and Wednesday from 4pm – 10pm PST
And Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 6pm – 12am PST

Feel free to come by and say Hi! If you have any questions about anything PAD related, always feel free to ask! If you need help with a dungeon, need help team-building, need help with matching/comboing, or need some direction with your box, we’re always glad to help!

There’s a great PAD community on Twitch! Come be a part of it!

— Watch live at
Watch live at