All new! Companion Aquacube Logic Instant Hot Water System operations & run down!

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The Companion Aqua Cube has a RRP of $449. The Companion / Mr Heater Aquacube Logic comes with a built in rechargeable battery, but can also run directly from 240v (mains power) or 12v (cigarette lighter). It also charges from either 240v or 12v. It takes around 4 hours to charge it fully and will fullly discharge with around 40mins of use.

It will operate from 468gram BOM cartridges, but can also be connected to a typical gas bottle using a gas hose adaptor that is sold separate. The Companion AquaCube Logic consumes around 450grams of gas an hour on full power. Meaning one BOM cartridge will be good for around an hour of full temperature water heating.

This video shows the brand new Companion Aqua Cube Logic in operation. It also demonstrates its functionality and general performance.

This is a great portable unit, suitable for camping and exploring the outdoors. It provides hot water instantly, ideal for showering and doing the dishes.

Thankyou for watching. I hope you enjoyed this video.