Acquiring Your Husband Pierced for Male Chastity


One of the most common concerns I get about the subject matter of advanced chastity is about piercing.

The considering driving it is rather straightforward: numerous of the far more safe, serious and thus expensive chastity units have to have the male to have a piercing in his penis to the system can be locked into position thoroughly.

Possibly the most frequent mix is a Prince Albert piercing (where by the securing pin enters the penis via a hole in the underside of the head and exits via the urethra), but there are devices appropriate with frenum and appalling piercings, far too.

So, this raises a pair of questions.

First, why would any individual do this?

Nicely, the remedy to this is straightforward: it makes the devices substantially additional safe. Most chastity units — even complete belts — can be escaped by a guy who’s decided to do so, offered he employs ample lubrication and can endure a very little ache. It is doable there are some devices for which this is not accurate but I’ve nonetheless to come across one.

But a machine that is secured with a piercing is as secure a chastity unit as you’re at any time likely to get, just since the penis is held prisoner with a metal pin that truly passes by means of the flesh. And the devices’ layout usually means you will find no way to get rid of the gadget with no eradicating the pin to start with, except you are inclined to tear your personal flesh (quite couple of males would want to do this, I’m guaranteed).

And for men major about chastity, a protected machine is part of the thrill. There is something about becoming locked in a protected product that really does convert men on. The emotion of getting no handle of their have orgasms is intoxicating for them.

Just bear in intellect: no chastity product is or ever can be 100% safe, which means no male is at any time retained in a chastity unit towards his will.

There is no question some products are far more safe than some others, and it is really very likely quite a few could only be taken off or escaped from with the enable of applications.

But the tools required are simple and most men likely have them previously lying about in their garage. What’s more, eliminating the device would be flawlessly risk-free, too, so extensive as he took care.

Even a machine which employs a piercing pin to preserve the penis protected can be removed only by reducing the pin (which could be accomplished simply and securely with a pair of tinsnips or wire-cutters, say).

The second rationale for the piercing is that for many guys and ladies it can be symbolic — and the symbolism is extremely highly effective. In a huge proportion of associations in which they apply male chastity, portion of the dynamic is the lady “owns” the man’s penis, or at minimum has all the “legal rights” about it.

In these conditions obtaining the penis pierced, regardless of whether the person really needs to have it finished or not (bearing in mind he constantly has the option in fact, and so it really is just part of the activity) is symbolic of the electricity-exchange.

Of class, you do not require to be pierced to appreciate chastity, and you will not even need a product. The notion you do is just a different fantasy propagated by various men and women who have their possess agendas for seeking you to obtain into this strategy.

My husband, John, was pierced but he never actually settled into the product, so we took the piecing out and he at this time wears a Lori #2C, which is designed for un-pierced guys. At present he is in extended-phrase orgasm denial and the purpose he would not escape is he will not want to.

Male chastity is truly about two individuals who take pleasure in no matter what dynamic they decide on to put into action and is just a circumstance of starting to be knowledgeable about harmless, sane and reasonable techniques.


Source by Sarah Jameson