AC Brotherhood – Courtesan Assignments (All of them) – 100% Sync – Walkthrough

Courtesan Assignments

On this Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood video walkthrough: All Courtesan Assignments, all with a one hundred percent synch, as well as the conversations with Mom (Maria Auditore da Firenze).

I put them all in one video so you don’t have to look and search for all the different memories. Just pick the chapter you need below or watch all of them.


00:16 Meeting Mom (Maria Auditore da Firenze) I
01:18 Property Dispute
03:22 Old Habits Die Hard
07:24 The Morning After

12:17 Meeting Mom (Maria Auditore da Firenze) II
13:02 Running Scared
17:20 Live Bait
20:52 Malpractice

23:54 Meeting Mom (Maria Auditore da Firenze) III
25:07 Closing In
30:23 Bad Politics
33:15 Troublemakers
38:25 Ghostwriting

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Memory Memories Courtesan Assignments
Meeting Mom Maria Auditore da Firenze Property Dispute Old Habits Die Hard The Morning After Running Scared Live Bait Malpractice Closing In Bad Politics Troublemakers Ghostwriting