A up coming-generation non-hormonal contraceptive for women is currently being d…


A hormone-free women’s contraceptive with no aspect results is a single promising use for a new technique produced by scientists in Sweden to tighten up the mucous membrane – the body’s initial line of protection in safeguarding its inner lining.

The technique consists of cross-linking the mucus gel with chitosan, a kind of polysaccharide derived from chitin, the substance that develops in the tricky outer shells of crustaceans these types of as shrimp and crayfish. The substance tightens the mucin polymer mesh barrier which traces the mucosal epithelium of our body’s cavities, claims Thomas Crouzier, a researcher at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

The polymer slowed the diffusion of dextran polymers and cholera protein through the mucous gels, the researchers documented in the modern situation of Biomacromolecules.

Failure of the mucous barrier can lead to inflammation of the mucosa, which is the difficulty powering inflammatory bowel health conditions, rhinitis, acid reflux and other syndromes.

And in the cervix, the normally impervious mucous barrier normally results in being slack through ovulation, letting sperm to penetrate and fertilize eggs.

“The polymeric content can shut this possibility, and could protect against fertilization from occurring,” Crouzier says. “In this way, we get a contraceptive that is not based on hormones and has no side effects.”

Through his private company, Crouzier is doing work toward bringing a products to current market. He says the contraception could be applied as a smaller vaginal capsule that quickly dissolves. The blocking influence has been revealed to be fast, inside minutes, he suggests.

The 100 percent bio-dependent substance makes no unwanted facet effects for the reason that it only modifies the superficial mucus layer, whether used in contraception or other therapies, these as treatment method of ulcers in mucous membranes and inflammatory bowel conditions.

The scientists have also labored to enhance other properties of mucous membranes, this kind of as lubrication and moisturization. Past perform by the analysis group led to progress in managing dry mucous membranes.

“The starting up place for us has been to regard mucous membranes as a independent content that you can operate with and modify. In purchase to do that, a person ought to recognize the mucous membrane’s features, which includes acting as a barrier that stops microorganisms and viruses although letting oxygen or vitamins and minerals to move by means of,” he states.

Crouzier is the leader of the Polymers for Lifestyle investigation team at KTH’s College of Engineering Sciences in Chemistry, Biotechnology and Overall health, in the Section of Chemistry and the division of Glycoscience. He was supported by KTH Innovation in purchase to take the venture closer to the sector and patent the invention.

This get the job done was funded by a Marie Curie Worldwide Outgoing Fellowship (BIOMUC), and by the Swedish Investigation Council Vetenskapsradet junior task grant selection 2014-6203.

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A up coming-era non-hormonal contraceptive for women of all ages is being d…