A Place in the Pub. New Sexy C4 Property Programme. 1 April 2016

A Place in The Pub is a hot new property programme. Our dashing host attempts to find a seat in the pub for some thirsty Walthamstow newcomers.

Produced by Super Tuesday

Joe Sims, Jack Ashton, Sarah Savage
Nitin Kundra, Beth Langdon, Vashon Robinson
Tamuka Walker, Reiss Tonks, Jasmin Behr
Sarah Ream, Henry Hocking & Rosa
Roushka Boyd, Eddie Boyd & Kieron
James Yuill, Ruth Tapley & Charlie

Filmed by
Super Tuesday
Sound by
Henry Hocking

Production Assistants
Reiss Tonks & Tamuka Walker

Happy 1 April

All Footage owned by us.
Royalty Free Music Provided by Incomptech: Voice Over Under