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whole·some meme ˈhōl-səm mēm (n.):

  • a meme that encourages overall health or nicely-staying of entire body, thoughts, and/or soul
  • a meme that is pure of heart, devoid of corruption or malice, modest, steady, virtuous, and all-around sweet and compassionate
  • a meme that conveys assist, positivity, compassion, knowledge, enjoy, affection, and legitimate friendship by re-contextualizing vintage meme formats, and employing them to exhibit warmth and empathy
  • a meme with no snark or sarcasm that displays real human emotion and subverts a usually damaging meme to be more beneficial

definition of a meme / memetics

  • a way of describing cultural info getting shared.
  • an aspect of a tradition or process of actions that could be deemed to be handed from just one person to another by nongenetic indicates, specifically imitation.
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  1. All posts ought to be wholesome memes.

  2. Please make posts basic instead than unique own encounters. This will help make posts a lot more relatable.
    This signifies no SMS screenshots, individual stories, chats, email messages, and so forth. Be sure to regard their privacy.

  3. Make sure you keep away from publishing NSFW written content.

  4. Please do not troll, harass, or be usually impolite to your fellow users. Maintain feedback civil and be respectful of your fellow end users. See right here

  5. You should do not put up private info, yours or some others.

  6. Be sure to connection to visuals immediately. This makes browsing easier for all those working with RES or through a cellular device.

  7. You should do not mention upvotes in your article. No “Upvote in…” or “Upvote if…” style titles or memes. See below.

  8. Please stay away from re-submitting memes.

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