6. ACB [Courtesan Missions] Live Bait ~ 100% Sync [HD]

Follow the courtesan to the first target. As she distracts him, climb up the building and assassinate him from the ledge. Afterwards climb up the building (If you go back to the ground you’ll probably get caught by guards) and meet up with the courtesan on the other side of the building. Blend with the crowd on your right as she walks towards the next target. Wait until she leads him somewhere quiet, then kill him (quietly). Then follow the courtesan to the next target, blend with the crowd to avoid suspicion and then strike after the courtesan leads him to a secluded spot. Talk to the courtesan to end the mission 🙂

Tags: “Assassins Creed Brotherhood” “Secondary Missions” “Courtesan Contracts” “Live Bait” “100% Sync” “High Definition” HD “Xbox 360” “HD PVR” “Alan Hollowed”