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Here are a couple of ideas to make using your customer’s name work especially well.

  1. Be respectful. Using your customer’s last name; Mr. Smith, Ms. Johnson, Mrs. Jones, is probably your best bet until you have developed a close relationship or unless they have introduced themselves by their first name only.
  2. Introduce yourself first. It’s uncomfortable to have someone know who you are and not know who they are. Give your customer your name as a great way to begin building a relationship.
  3. Say their name correctly. Not too tough if the name is Smith or Jones, but what if you get “Woltjer” or “Olechnowicz” (real names from our local phone book)? If you’re not sure, ask, don’t guess. Most people are picky about having their names spelled and pronounced correctly. Mine hardly ever is! By the way, it’s pronounced NA-gen – rhymes with Ronald Regan.
  4. Be sincere. If you’re just rattling the customer’s name off as part of your canned pitch, or if you only look at the customer’s credit card for their name and never make smiling eye contact, you’re probably eroding the relationship, not building on it.
  5. Be sensitive. Always be aware of how your customer wants to be treated. If they are casual, chatty, and friendly, using their name will probably be a plus, if they are formal, stiff, or rushed they may feel you are taking liberties by using their name.

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