5 Sexiest Locations Girls Get Tattooed


At the rear of The Ear – Size is really significant when inserting a tattoo powering the ear. A small tattoo, typically smaller than the size of a quarter or more compact, will appear best behind the ear. Tattooing powering the ear is just one of the trickier region so a superior artist will have to be sought out. When a tattoo powering the ear is sized right and tattooed well it is one of the sexiest area a feminine escort in Washington DC can get tattooed

Underneath The Bra Strap On The Rib Cage – This is a quite attractive for a female to get tattooed. Fundamentally the placement is underneath the armpit at the best of the rib cage. It is a huge place so a tattoo as smaller as two inches or as substantial as ten inches would glance stop organic there. This location can take tattooing properly and a capable artist must have no difficulty implementing a high-quality tattoo there.

Hip – The hip is a classic pretty location for feminine escort in Washington DC tattoo placement. On most lady this is a huge plenty of are to do substantial tattooing but even smaller sized do the job will look great. The hip requires tattooing very nicely and even intricate tattoos really should have no complications therapeutic properly when put on the hip.

Back Of The Knee – A well sized tattoo placed on the back of knee can be attractive. This is challenging pores and skin to tattoo so a expert tattoo artist have to be made use of. The place alone is relatively confined in dimension so lesser pieces will search the ideal powering the knee.

Prime Of The Foot – The major of the foot is a wonderful location for a female to get tattooed. Not to be puzzled with getting a toe tattoo which in no way fairly operates out. A smaller tattoo underneath four or five inches appears to be like very best on the foot. It is a relatively challenging location to tattoo and will require a great tattoo artist to insure a good therapeutic tattoo.


Resource by Bobby Alexander