@RacistPalpatine @bergan65 @timetoact2 @BriteEyes8 @MVZexplorer @JACKLARKIN1 @reconjoe8tet68 @dontcavitate @JIMSTEPHENS12 @AmericanRising @njuarez1217 @CajunJarhead @bandasaul9544 @TerranceCreamer @RichardOBryan @djmeade1 @Myinfo75008888 @McReaser @wcwinc @mai_sing @ujblack when I was a child, a Maryland escort county school board
told the Navy ‘we don’t want your kind’
WE were integrated, they were not
Parents attended & mother cried “WE are not occupation,
we are Americans”
They lost and we were bussed to school Navy bus with a Marine
DC escort.

Source by Black_Raven135