40+ Meaningful Conversation Topics to Get Through Any Discussion


There’s not much worse than a dry conversation. Having meaningful conversation topics will show people the perfect side of you and keep things fun.

Being able to hold a conversation is such an important skillset. Awkward silences will never do anything good for you. But that means you’ll always have to have some meaningful conversation topics ready to go so you can leave people will a great impression of you.

We all know how impressive good talkers are. When you can hold a conversation with someone and make it impactful, you’ll always be on their mind. That just means you’ll have to continuously make an effort to have great topics ready to go.

Being able to have deep discussions can help you connect with people

There’s nothing better than really connecting with people. Not only do you get to know people on a much deeper level, but you’ll often learn more about yourself in the process.

Connecting with others is such an important part of life, too. Those of us who feel lonely often don’t have the ability to really feel like we’re a part of something. When you talk to people about meaningful things, they become meaningful to you. Having those connections can also make your life a lot better and happier. [Read: 14 steps for emotionally connecting with someone]

Meaningful conversation topics to pull out when the discussion gets dull

Want to be the life of the party or at least the person people remember most the next day? Then you’ll want some meaningful conversation topics to get the discussion rolling in a more exciting direction. Here are some to keep in the back of your mind.

#1 Extraterrestrial life.

#2 Space programs.

#3 The meaning of life.

#4 How you all feel about working the majority of your life.

#5 What you’d do if you had almost unlimited financial funds.

#6 Whether or not you think there will ever be peace on Earth.

#7 Thoughts and theories on evolution.

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#8 Thoughts on religion and its role in society.

#9 Highest and lowest points of your lives.

#10 What you’d do given only one more day to live.

#11 Things you wish you could accomplish before you die.

#12 Your biggest fears.

#13 Values you think everyone should have.

#14 Do we truly show anyone who we really are?

#15 Spiritual beliefs.

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#16 Whether or not ghosts and spirits are real.

#17 Are humans better at destruction or creation?

#18 Do you think humans will be the end of the world?

#19 Do you think human nature is mostly good?

#20 What’s the biggest problem with humans?

#21 How could the human species be summed up in 3 words?

#22 What’s the scariest thing about the human species?

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#23 The importance of honor and what it means.

#24 The ever-escalating changes in generations thanks to technology.

#25 Whether or not people have a moral obligation to help others.

#26 The issue of homelessness in advanced societies.

#27 How much is a year of life worth?

#28 Are certain lives more valuable than others?

#29 The escalating rate of mental illness and the causes of it.

#30 What you’d like to be remembered for in death.

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#31 The colonization of other planets.

#32 What will most likely bring extinction of life to Earth.

#33 Crimes you think should be legal.

#34 How the justice system can be improved.

#35 The most destructive emotion.

#36 The most beneficial emotion.

#37 Your thoughts on working for what you earn.

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#38 The drawbacks of technology on society.

#39 How much control we really have of our futures.

#40 What life would look like had electricity never been discovered.

Tips for making the most of meaningful conversation topics

If you can’t have a conversation the right way, no topic will save you. These are just a few tips that can help you learn to read the room and engage in the discussion so you leave a positive impact.

#1 Listen intently. You really can’t have a decent conversation unless both people are listening. The whole point of a discussion is to be able to comment on what they said. How can you do that if you’re thinking about what you’re going to do when you get home?

None of these topics will thrive unless you’re able to listen to what they’re saying about it. So instead of just nodding along as if you’re listening, actually listen. Hear what they have to say and digest it. [Read: 10 ways to be a much better listener]

#2 Never interrupt. This has a lot to do with being a good listener in general. You can’t just stop someone from getting their point across. People get passionate about meaningful topics and you may get worked up.

You have to remember to let people finish their point before you go ahead with yours. Let them get it all out or you’ll just end up interrupting each other and nothing will be accomplished.

#3 Don’t argue, but politely disagree. These are pretty deep topics. You’ll get into some heated discussions if you don’t agree about something but you can’t just start fighting with people. Some of the best conversations are disagreements.

The difference is when both people know how to converse while disagreeing. It’s all about keeping your mouth shut until it’s your turn and really taking in what they have to say. Then come back with your point of view with some details to back it up.

#4 Understand where they’re coming from with any angle. One of the best ways to have a great conversation is to put yourself in their shoes. Even if you don’t get why they feel the way they do, try looking at it from their life.

Everyone has different perspectives when it comes to complex issues. Their upbringing or even life right now can impact how they feel about different topics. You really have to make an effort to understand so you can reply accordingly. [Read: 8 ways to be less critical and more open]

#5 Get multiple people involved. Don’t just grab one person and hide away in a corner while talking to them. These topics may be meaningful, but they’ll be even more valuable if you have multiple people discussing them.

So make sure multiple people get involved with it. Pull a few people in and ask for their opinions as they walk by. They’ll stick around and before you know it, the entire room will be talking about the topic you brought up.

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Being able to pull out some meaningful conversation topics can turn a stale night into something to remember. These are some ideas to keep in mind the next time you find a discussion falling flat.

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40+ Meaningful Conversation Topics to Get Through Any Discussion