2017 PSE Target Bows Unveiled

We didn’t expect much new with PSE’s target bows for 2017, but ended up pleasantly surprised. The Xpression, Xpression 3D and Supra EXT all receive some key upgrades for 2017, while PSE also unveiled a brand new entry level target bow – the Phenom.

Though just released in 2016, both Xpressions and the Supra EXT receive a new RollerGlide cable guard and an upgraded Wedge Lock limb pocket.

For those target shooters on a budget, the $700 PSE Phenom is worth checking out.

The Phenom features a new deflex riser and comes in two versions – Phenom SD and Phenom XT. The SD is available in draw lengths from 23 to 28 ½ inches, while the Phenom XT can accommodate draw lengths from 27 ½ to 33 inches.